Musique de Pericle Odierna

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A passionate romantic music through an academic classical settings and jazz
and folk.

Notes on the movie:

"When Salvatore Chiosi spoke to me about the movie and the beautiful story I
immediately wondered: how can I serve this film with my music? Being set in
the mid-800 will I write music in a late Romantic style or not? Will the
music will follow syntax and philological or within the grooves of the
images in an abstract way? On the first images there was the solution. I
definitely appeal to the notions acquired during my composition studies on
the romantic music but with the filter through my own personal journey made
of strict classical and academic settings and my other passions such as
jazz, folk music. So the choice of "contaminate" a philological language
apparently with the use of instruments and sounds far away from the
imaginary late romantic. L'erhu, the duduk, the iris flute, instruments
linked to the more traditional and popular Asian, Celtic and Balkan music
seem perfect to me. IT can convey my thoughts. Everything finds its right
place in complete harmony and synergy with the movie's DIrector. The
orchestration goes from one instrument to a chamber orchestra."
Pericle Odierna


This is the emblematic story of a Venetian family at the dawn of the
Unification of Italy. Like every year, Marco and Spartacus Biasin reach
their father Jacob and their grandfather Alvise after harvest and during the
period of winemaking. But this year, we are in 1866, the occasion is one of
those really important. Of course there is always many things to discuss
about, to program the vintage of the wine, the family business, the
relationship with the widow Querini, the last of his branch in this great
and noble family, which each year brings her grapes to make wine by Biasin,
now established at a international level in the production and trade of the
Raboso wine. But there is another problem far more urgent. The town bailiff
had passed a few days before, informing to report to the town hall in the
country for the referendum of 22 October that, in fact, will sanction the
annexation of the Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy.


01 Il leone di vetro
02 La famiglia Biasin
03 Spartaco e Marco
04 Venezia
05 Alba veneta
06 Ecco il Raboso
07 Echi di guerra
08 Amanti
09 Festa della vendemmia
10 1866
11 Notturno
12 Querini
13 Minuetto
14 L'Italia
15 Addii

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