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Musique de Random Graves

Howlin' Wolf Records - Édition limitée

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Some Legends Refuse to Die

Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents HE NEVER LEFT by Randin Graves. A return to our favorite holiday with the composer who delivered THE WITCHING SEASON and THEY LIVE INSIDE US.

The score opens with an airy drone, an eerie yet somehow emotional synthesizer pad and a few simple notes on a slightly-distorted, distant-sounding synthesizer sound that resembles at times a piano, and at times a harp. It plays only one note at a time; no harmony. This is the story of lonely, disturbed and desperate people, and this is their sound. -Randin Graves

HE NEVER LEFT features a 16-page booklet with artwork by Marc Schoenbach, Sadist Art Designs, packaging designs by Howlin' Wolf Records' Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas, a foreword by Writer, Producer, Director James Morris, and liner notes by Composer Randin Graves.

1. The Skyline Motel, Room #9 (5:51)

2. He Never Left - Main Title (3:11)

3. We're Safe Here (2:00)

4. What the Hell Happened (3:08)

5. It's Different Now (2:03)

6. Wrong Room (0:55)

7. Noisy Neighbor (1:56)

8. Chad (1:32)

9. Something Happened (4:44)

10. I'm Done (5:20)

11. Knock Knock Knock (4:21)

12. 1000 North Windy Drive (5:56)

13. We Got Blood (1:25)

14. The Key (1:00)

15. Mirror in the Bathroom (3:42)

16. A Worse Set of Circumstances (5:51)

17. This Should Have Been Easy (2:26)

18. The Gasbari Redemption (3:57)

19. The Mother of All Scary Things (3:55)

20. They're Gonna Come Back (1:02)

21. He Never Left - End Title (6:32)

22. You're Not Alone (4:19)

23. 911 (Sadie) (3:18)

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