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For the absolute first time on CD, Digitmovies releases the complete version of the wonderful music of Riz Ortolani from the films “The Lovemakers” (aka “La prima notte del dottor Danieli, industriale col complesso del... giocattolo”) and “The Naked Cello” (aka “Il Merlo Maschio”).
Soundtracks: “The Lovemakers” This CD (61 minutes) represents a dream come true for us. Finally, thanks to the approval of the Ortolani family, it was possible to make the CD. From “The Lovemakers” no music has ever been previously released. Ortolani composed a beautiful orchestral rock beat score used frequently during the film, alternating with lounge music such as a passionate version of the shake in a hotel night club. “The Naked Cello”
A 45 rpm EP was previously released (C.A.M. AMP 93) for this film. This soundtrack is based on a recurring classical score, followed by a cello and orchestra, and recalled again with a rock arrangement refrain. For both the soundtracks we were able to access the stereo master tapes from the recording sessions. “The Lovemakers”
Directors and Cast: Directed in 1970 by Gianni Grimaldi. Starring Lando Buzzanca, Françoise Prévost, Katia Christine, Alfredo Rizzo, Carlo Sposìto, Linda Sini, Enzo Garinei, Renato Malavasi, Ileana Riganò, Ira Fürstenberg, Saro Urzì, Franca Maria Giardina.
Plot: Carlo Danieli (Buzzanca) is a well-hung, womanizing business magnate from Sicily. He marries the beautiful Elena (Christine), but on their first night together he discovers she is still a virgin. Being used to promiscuous women, Carlo is shocked by the discovery and is not able to consummate the marriage. He confides in a doctor, but the doctor has a big mouth and soon the news is spread. Even Elenaʼs mother Donna Virginia (Prévost) finds out and so she goes to the couple to help them. Carlo tries every remedy possible. He puts himself in bizarre situations with double and triple meanings- usually quite vulgar. He starts drinking large quantities of Pozzillo, which was known for its therapeutic properties for those suffering from erection problems. Nothing seems to help, so Donna Virgina pays for a prostitute. Now Carlo finds his virility and reputation again. Notes about the film: This film had great success at the boxoffice, it came in just behind M*A*S*H by Robert Altman, and ahead of “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis” (aka a “Il giardino dei Finzi Contini”) by Vittorio De Sica, and “Tora! Tora! Tora!” by Richard Fleischer. The film was shot in the city of Acireale in Sicily. “The Naked Cello” Directors and Cast: Directed in 1971 by Pasquale Festa Campanile. Starring Lando Buzzanca, Laura Antonelli, Ferruccio De Ceresa, Gianrico Tedeschi, Elsa Vazzoler, Lino Toffolo, Gino Cavalieri, Adolfo Belletti, Franco Bisazza, Luciano Bianciardi, Gigi Bonfanti. Plot: The film centers around the life of a person in the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Arena of Verona. Niccoloʼ Vivaldi (Buzzanca) is a frustrated cellist in a rut in his career, scoffed by his colleagues, and neglected by his conductor. He starts photographing his beloved wife Costanza (Antonelli) in racy poses to then show off to his best friend, Cavalmoretti, and to his colleagues in the orchestra. Costanza loves her husband and accepts his request to appear nude in front of 20,000 spectators who crowd the Arena. Consumed by his obsession, Niccoloʼ ends up in a mental hospital where he continues to brag about having a beautiful wife. TRACK LIST
01. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (Titoli) 5:12 02. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (Filodiffusione)3:21
03. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (due innamorati) 1:46
04. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (pettegolezzi) 4:41 05. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (al mare) 1:19 06. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (ballo primo) 2:03 07. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (al ristorante) 2:21 08. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (hotel shake) 3:29 09. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (ballo secondo) 3:17
10. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (viaggio di nozze) 5:24
11. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (ballo terzo) 2:58 12. LA PRIMA NOTTE DEL DR. DANIELI (Finale) 2:27
13. IL MERLO MASCHIO (Titoli) 2:28 14. IL MERLO MASCHIO (attimi di tenerezza) 2:00
15. IL MERLO MASCHIO (contrappunti dʼamore) 2:24
16. IL MERLO MASCHIO (violoncello per due) 2:20
17. IL MERLO MASCHIO (allegria) 2:21 18. IL MERLO MASCHIO (serenità) 1:37 19. IL MERLO MASCHIO (esercizi di stile) 1:30 20. FOTOGRAFIE 3:58 21. IL MERLO MASCHIO (Finale) 3:11