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Musique composée par Konrad Elfers

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Cool release! Expanded original soundtrack by Konrad Elfers for second Harry Palmer film begun with The Ipcress File, again starring Michael Caine, this time directed by Guy Hamilton of Goldfinger fame. Palmer becomes snarled in espionage tale set in cold war Berlin, with questionable motives of Russian colonel, Israeli agent with questionable motives of her own, pursuit of operative using funeral services as cover for defections from Soviet Union through Berlin, other intrigues all ripe for dramatic musical underlining. German pianist/composer Konrad Elfers supplies sometimes intense, sometimes brooding score which anchors with memorable funeral march heard in many guises: brass-led, robust, subtle, dissonant, imposing. In contrast, beautiful love theme plays courtesy piano, strings, solo sax. Action has its say with brassy figures, percussion riffs, distinctive piano chords. Entire score melds classical, jazz, modernistic technique into superb 1960's spy-flavored work of art. All tracks of original 1966 RCA stereo soundtrack album appear, newly mixed from 1/2" three-channel masters. Exciting, previously unreleased original pre-title sequence ("Berlin"), second version of "Tension Among Mortuary Men - Reprise") amongst cool extras. Original album opening track ("Theme From Funeral In Berlin") performed by The Puppets starts CD as well. Insightful liner notes by Jeff Bond, flipper cover design by Joe Sikoryak featuring original RCA cover art plus new art round out neat package. Konrad Elfers conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Theme From Funeral in Berlin (Instrumental: The Puppets) (1:53)
02. Funeral in Berlin (Main Theme) (2:43)
03. Palmer and Jane (1:46)
04. Checkpoint Charlie/Palmer Arrested (3:33)
05. Palmer Meets Samantha (2:19)
06. Skating Rendezvous at the Europa Centre (1:33)
07. Samantha – The Truce (0:59)
08. Tension Among Mortuary Men (1:41)
09. The Berlin Scene (1:20)
10. The Funeral (2:31)
11. Fate of Two Pawns (2:14)
12. Two Sides of the Wall (2:11)
13. Love in the Western Sector (2:59)
14. Hallam and Vulkan – Violence in the Western Sector (2:31)
15. Palmer Finds the Late Aaron (2:15)
16. Violence in the Eastern Sector (2:24)
17. Funeral in Berlin (Main Theme) – Reprise (1:11)
Total Score Time: 36:45

The Extras
18. Berlin (0:38)
19. Tension Among Mortuary Men – Reprise (2:17)
20. Landing/The Widow/The Documents (1:21)
21. Berlin Hilton (1:38)
Total Extras Time: 6:01

Total CD Time: 42:52