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Musique de William Ross / "Violet’s Theme" composé par Angelo Badalamenti

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Original score from the 2023 fantasy feature film directed by Vlad Marsavin, starring Carrie Fisher, Rita Ora and Kiera Milward, produced by Strange Quark Films and released by Vertical Entertainment (USA). 

THE STORY: A coming-of-age fairy tale set between modern-day Italy and an imaginary realm just beyond, Wonderwell follows Violet, a naive and inquisitive 12 year-old-girl, on a thrilling journey that transforms her world forever.

THE SCORE: “Writing the score to Wonderwell was a bittersweet experience. It was wonderfully ‘sweet’ in the sheer beauty of the film, it’s locations, it’s script, actors….and of course the musical approach that the film makers wanted. ‘Bitter’ in the sense that it was difficult to see Carrie Fisher on screen, knowing that she was no longer with us. It had been less than a year since she had passed away. It was a pleasure for me to get the chance to work with Angelo Badalamenti’s beautiful ‘Violet’s Theme’. My thanks to Vlad Marsavin and the producers of the project for letting me be a part of such a beautiful film. ” – William Ross

THE COMPOSER: William Ross is a prolific award-winning composer and arranger whose work has spanned feature films, the recording industry and television. He has composed music for such films as Destination Wedding, The Tale of Desperaux, Tuck Everlasting, The Little Rascals and My Dog Skip. He also adapted and conducted the score to Harry Poter and the Chamber of Secrets and made arrangements for James Cameron’s Titanic.

1 Wonderwell: Main Title 3:30 

2 Violet's Theme 3:05

3 Rescue 1:51

4 Hazel's Garden 2:00

5 To Plug 1:48

6 Violet's Journey 3:10

7 Wilted Flower 2:06

8 Hearing the Lyre 2:30

9 Midnight Blue 0:54

10 Violet's Reflection 2:50

11 The Contract 3:02

12 A Way Out 1:59

13 Dad's Warning 1:40

14 Through the Forest 2:09

15 In the Church 2:20

16 The Red Dress 2:05

17 Searching for Violet and the Ritual 3:42 

18 Sunrise Warning 1:56

19 Red Town 3:23

20 We Have to Save Her 2:08

21 The Creature 3:24

22 Kiss and Rescue 1:43

23 Can't Find the Plug 2:13

24 The Power of the Flower 1:39

25 Finale 2:16

26 Heroes Reunite 2:46 

27. Violet's Theme (Original Demo) 3:42

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