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Musique de Gene Kauer & Douglas M. Lackey 

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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Once again we are proud to present another beautiful and obscure gem for the THE KRONOS GOLD COLLECTION. And this time it is a double attack!!!

THE MUSIC OF GÜNTHER KAUER contains the music of 2 Science Fiction films from the late Golden Age of Cinema.

MONSTROSITY is a 1963 Sci-Fi Horror film about a rich, unscrupulous old woman´s plot with a scientist to have her brain implanted in the body of a sexy young woman. Starring Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle and Frank Fowler. The film is a bit of an oddity but has its charm. The musical score was composed by GÜNTHER "GENE" KAUER who penned a truly eerie score that fills all of this film`s quirky needs! The music was written for a small ensemble, most likely related to the small budget of the film but the composer sure made good use of the limitations using them to his advantage by crafting a truly haunting little gem with a number of haunting themes written most prominently for wind instruments and harpsicord,

CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS is a 1960 Sci Fi Horror by director Phil Tucker and stars Scott Peters, Linda Connel and Jason Johnson. When a couple are killed in an auto accident their bodies are immediately inhabited by extraterrestrial beings. Taking refuge in an underground cave, the aliens attempt to sabotage the U. S. space program. The score for Cape Canaveral Monsters is a big action sci fi score in the 60s style with a big Themes and a strong rhythmic section, recorded with a large orchestra. The musical score was also composed by GÜNTHER KAUER along his musical partner DOUGLAS M LACKEY, who we have seen together multiple times and already represented by KRONOS RECORDS with THE PROUD AND DAMNED. This one is very different, a somber, orchestral score with a heavy Sci Fi inclination

Neither of these two scores was ever released in any format, apart the "End Titles" of ATOMIC BRAIN/MONSTROSITY, which is an extended version of track 48 from THE ASTOUNDING SHE-MONSTER (CD out on Monstruous Movie Music and still available from their website).

This release also would have not been possible without the help of David Schecter and the Lackey Estate. Our deepest appreciation and that of all those who buy this CD.

01. Main Title 2:07 

02. The Vault 1:00 

03. Wolfman 1:14 

04. Car 1:24 

05. Lab 0:43 

06. Zombie 1:23 

07. Car Drive 2:10 

08. Travel 1:20 

09. Cat 1:12 

10. Zing 0:09 

11. Mrs. March 0:39 

12. Ghoul 0:42 

13. Anita 0:11 

14. Beatrice 0:16 

15. Girls' Rooms 2:09 

16. Lab Bubbles 1:26 

17. Search 1:17 

18. Doc (Anita is ready) 1:08 

19. Girls 2:49 

20. Runaway Ghoul 1:06 

21. Sting 0:17 

22. Cat Strikes 1:13 

23. Wolfman attack 0:07 

24. Doc Runs 0:16 

25. Du-Ah 0:06 

26. Romance 0:41 

27. Cat Girls 0:50 

28. Dead 0:11 

29. Drunk 2:54 

30. Vic Dead 0:47 

31. Brain transfer 0:19 

32. Surgery 0:26 

33. Poetic Justice 1:00 

34. Kali`s Fancy 1:29 

35. Finale (film version) 0:59 

36. On The Beach 2:10 

37. N&H Theme 0:33 

38. Cape Rhythm 1:50 

39. Dog Chase 1:10 

40. The Cave 2:31 

41. Sabotage 1:49 

42. Lovers Capture 2:00 

43. Lauren's Surprise 1:03 

44. Base 1:15 

45. Treatment 1:31 

46. Boy's Dead 0:52 

47. Home 0:47 

48. Escape 0:54 

49. Outside 0:25 

50. (Easy) Now 0:07 

51. Horror Love 0:38 

52. Horror 0:27 

53. Search 2:29 

54. Hampelmann 0:49 

55. Lookout 0:32 

56. Posse 0:44 

57. Posee 0:25 

58. Happy After All 2:16

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