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A project very dear to us, Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane (Tiko and the Shark) is a bona-fide classic in M° de Masi's discography. Directed in 1962 by Folco Quilici, it features a pleasant story about the friendship of a young Polynesian, his shark and a girl on vacation.
The wonderful score by M° de Masi was previously released, but loving the music as we do, we couldn't refrain from releasing it again in a definitive edition. The popular Roman composer, particularly inspired by the movie, created a lot of music for the film; it would be a real shame not to have it available in full.
So now we present this double-CD edition, full of great melodies and arrangements dedicated to dreamy, tropical sceneries—an orchestral orgy of music realized by a young Maestro in great form.

The double-CD is released in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi, liner notes (in Italian and Engish) by Filippo de Masi and mastering by Claudio Fuiano. Two wonderful hours of music dedicated to sun, salt and tropics, full of musical poetry to help prepare you for summer.

CD 1
1. L'agguato sul fondo 1:31
2. La barriera di corallo 2:12
3. L'alba della laguna 1:41
4. Cocoyo 0:59
5. Papeete 2:21
6. Noa-Noa 2:29
7. Ti-Koyo e Diana 3:37
8. La pioggia 1:57
9. I turisti 1:36
10. I fotografi 0:52
11. La pesca con gli specchi 3:06
12. La laguna magica 1:44
13. Giochi subacquei 2:49
14. Manidù 2:14
15. La partenza 2:06
16. La caccia ai pescecani 3:32
17. Magico incontro 2:52
18. Incontro fra le palme 3:19
19. Il distacco 0:47
20. La ricerca 2:19
21. Il canto delle isole 2:32
TT 47:22

CD 2
1. L'agguato sul fondo (alt. take) 1:07
2. Magico incontro (sax version) 2:52
3. La barriera di corallo (alt. take) 2:12
4. Cocoyo (alt. take) 2:24
5. Cocoyo (alt. take) 1:34
6. Magico incontro (alt. take) 1:08
7. I turisti (alt. take) 1:18
8. La pioggia (film version) 1:03
9. La pesca con gli specchi (original ending) 3:09
10. La caccia ai pescecani (alt. take) 3:05
11. Cocoyo (alt. take) 3:55
12. Incontro fra le palme (alt. take) 2:35
13. Papeete (film version) 1:19
14. La pesca con gli specchi (alt. take) 1:07
15. Icontro fra le palme (alt. take) 6:09
16. La laguna magica (alt. take) 2:38
17. La pesca con gli specchi (alt. take) 2:48
18. Ti-Koyo e il suo pescevane (radio music) 1:02
19. La barriera di corallo (alt. take) 1:32
20. Noa-Noa (alt. take) 1:38
21. Noa-Noa (alt. take) 1:30
22. Noa-Noa (alt. take) 1:15
23. L'agguato sul fondo (alt. take) 2:09
24. Noa-Noa (alt. take) 2:08
25. Il canto delle isole (alt. finale) 2:39
26. La pesca con gli specchi (alt. take) 2:28
27. Il canto delle isole (alt. finale) 1:05
28. Ti-Koyo e il suo pescevane (intervallo film) 0:23
29. Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane (suite - stereo mix) 6:00

TT 65:26