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Musique de Andrew Scott Bell & divers

Howlin' Wolf Records - Édition limitée 

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Will you dare to open the door?

Howlin' Wolf Records is excited to present DEATHCEMBER, a holiday-themed horror anthology series soundtrack, with an international ensemble of renowned composers, directors, and actors. Produced by Dominic Saxl, Ivo Scheloske, and Frank Vogt, DEATHCEMBER brings to life a feature-length advent calendar - each door a portal to terror and demented holiday fun! So, will you dare to open the door?

The DEATHCEMBER "Main Theme" and "Suite" are composed by award-winning composer Andrew Scott Bell, performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra with Péter Illényi conducting, featuring oboe soloist Judit Borzsonyi, and clarinet soloist Gyorgy Ree. The melodic and sweeping opening theme adds the perfect sense of enchantment and wonder for the advent season. In addition, Andrew Scott Bell composes the transition suites that wind through the score like a snake in the guise of holiday ribbon. Segment scores are a brilliant mix of amazing international talent from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Serbia, UK, and USA. among others, showcasing the talents of composers Andrew Scott Bell, Stephan Nicolas, Nemanja Mosurovic, Jeffrey Peter Mayhew, The NightStalker, Michael Kaufmann, Eduardo Daniel Victoria, Steffen Britzke, Dag Lerner, Nikola Nikita Jeremic, Medhat Hanbali, Erik Lutz, Peter Litvin, Dirk Steffan Buro, and Michael Kohlbecker.

The DEATHCEMBER soundtrack comes with a 32-page booklet including a foreword by producers Dominic Saxl, Ivo Scheloske, and Frank Vogt along with a note from segment director Sam Wineman about his friend and collaborator, Andrew Scott Bell. In addition, the booklet features notes by composers Stephan Nicolas, Jeffrey Peter Mayhew, Michael Kaufmann, Eduardo Daniel Victoria, Nikola Nikita Jeremic, Medhat Hanbali, and Dirk Steffan Buro, all beautifully packaged in a jewel case with exquisite artwork by Adrian Keindorf (booklet cover), Flavio Greco Paglia (booklet back), and art direction and designs by the magnificent Luis Miguel Rojas.

1. DEATHCEMBER Main Theme (2:12)

2. A Door Too Far (1:10)

3. Gender Is Over (0:13)

4. DEATHCEMBER Teaser 0:25)

5. Aurora - Water Place 1:38)

6. Aurora - Particles (3:51)

7. I'm "Mr. Handsome" (0:33)

8. Door 7 (0:13)

9. The Hunchback of Burg Hayn - Honky Tonk Monster (1:17)

10. The Hunchback of Burg Hayn - Monster's Lament (3:24)

11. Door 8 (0:14)

12. Family Matters (4:48)

13. Door 4 (0:14)

14. Crappy Christmas (5:09)

15. Door 10 (0:14)

16. Five Deaths in Blood Red (4:22)

17. Visit From Krampus (0:22)

18. Door 15 (0:12)

19. What Would You Do? (0:10)

20. A Christmas Miracle (4:01)

21. DEATHCEMBER Trailer (2:02)

22. Pig (5:26)

23. Door 13 (0:14)

24. We Can Shoot It (0:42)

25. December the 19th (3:55)

26. Door 17 (0:13)

27. What's a Gloo-gun? (0:06)

28. Milk and Cookies (5:04)

29. Family Feast - Jingle Death (1:02)

30. Family Feast - Alternate Reality (1:24)

31. Door 18 (0:13)

32. Kugel's Getting Cold (0:22)

33. Before Sundown (5:42)

34. Door 22 (0:10)

35. Operation Dolph (5:03)

36. We've Got a Lot of Work to Do (0:12)

37. Door 21 (0:13)

38. End Credits - A Sudden Death at Christmas (2:32)

39. What Was the Agreement? (0:30)

40. Cracker - Lunar Falls Jingle (0:14)

41. End Credits - Unsilent Night (3:10)

42. Greedy F***ing Bullshit (0:08)

43. DEATHCEMBER Suite (5:28)

Running Time: 78:47

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