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Musique de Andrew Scott Bell

Howlin' Wolf Records - Édition limitée 

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“If the storm doesn't kill you...he will.”

Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents Andrew Scott Bell's score for PSYCHO STORM CHASER, a film about a serial killer (Dr. Carl) who uses the cover of catastrophic storms as both inspiration and disguise for his crimes. Director Buz Wallick reflects that he wanted "the storm as imposing and scary a villain as Dr. Carl himself, and that could only be achieved through sound design and score. So breaking down film with heavy storm settings like TWISTER, JURASSIC PARK, and THE LOST WORLD helped us find a common sound Andrew and I called 'Adventure Slasher.' We wanted this to be a throwback '90s movie and to actually have melody and themes - an unfortunate rarity in today's horror/thriller films."

Composer Marty Brueggemann writes, "A devilishly perfect storm - part natural disaster, part desperate rescue, and part murderous rampage. The furor is an occasion for a scintillating collision of themes, motifs, and textures. Andrew Scott Bell plants seeds early for the brewing maelstrom that is a 'sturm und drang' slasher climax. Coming to grips with Bell's score to PSYCHO STORM CHASER means grappling with somewhat extended musical theory."

Writer John Mansell describes the score for PSYCHO STORM CHASER as "dark and unnerving, something that also applies to the movie and its ominous and brooding storyline. However, the macabre or sinister-sounding pieces of music never outnumber or smother the more melodious interludes. Both variants bring much to the work and also complement one another as the score builds and progresses, making for a balanced and entertaining listen."

PSYCHO STORM CHASER includes performances by cello soloist Kimberley Kistler along with select violin, cello, choral, and piano pieces performed by composer Andrew Scott Bell. The soundtrack also features a number of CD-exclusive bonus tracks, including an audio note from the composer.

PSYCHO STORM CHASER features a 28-page booklet with an introduction by MegaTrend Artist Management Executive Michael Rosen, a note from PSYCHO STORM CHASER Director Buz Wallick, liner notes by writer and executive album producer John Mansell, and score track analysis by fellow composer/orchestrator Marty Brueggemann. All are presented against a visual backdrop of the storm's fury, original cover artwork by Neil Fraser, and beautiful packaging designs by Howlin' Wolf Records' longtime Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas. -HOWLIN’ WOLF

1. Who's There? (1:46)

2. You Will Be a Lesson (2:44)

3. This Storm Is Coming (1:48)

4. Morning on the Brody Peninsula (3:17)

5. Storm Warning (2:03)

6. Please Be Leaving (0:56)

7. Preparing the House / Missing Person Case (1:38)

8. Didn't Mean to Frighten You (1:16)

9. She's Not Gone (1:19)

10. So It Begins / Bridge Closed (2:21)

11. Sitting With Hannah (0:48)

12. Second Thoughts (0:34)

13. No Screaming Until the End (2:09)

14. Crossing the Bridge / Bedside Heart-To-Heart (2:41)

15. Mother Nature Herself (0:45)

16. Cops Love the Wire (1:41)

17. Life Is Too Short (2:18)

18. Carl Breaks In (0:41)

19. Carl Meets Hannah (2:30)

20. The Eye of the Storm (5:49)

21. Tony's Big Break (0:49)

22. We're Not Alone (2:31)

23. The Psycho Storm Arrives (2:23)

24. We Should Probably Talk This Out (5:44)

25. Get Out of My House (2:20)

26. Storm's Over (2:39)

27. Breakfast (2:30)

28. Psycho Storm Credits (4:02)

CD Exclusive Tracks

29. A Note From the Composer (3:38)

30. Checking the Generator (0:33)

31. Hate for Something to Happen (0:28)

32. When Will They Learn? (0:35)

33. Preparing the House (Voice Memo) (1:10)

34. Get Out of My House (Voice Memo) (1:05)

35. Storm Theme Idea (Voice Memo) (1:25)

36. Main Theme Idea (unused) (Voice Memo) (1:57)

37. Stalking Theme Idea (Voice Memo) (2:15)

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