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Musique de Francesco de Masi

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Sinfonia per due spie (Serenade for Two Spies) is an Euro Spy movie directed by Alberto Cardone in 1965 starring Hellmut Lange, Tony Kendall and Barbara Lass. The movie taps into the gold vein discovered by the Bond movie franchise and is considered an entertaining production by lovers of the genre. The score by the late Maestro surely provides punctual proof of the skill and expertise of the popular Roman composer, able sculptor of perfect atmospheres for these kinds of movies (such as Colpo Maestro al servizio di sua Maestà Britannica, Concerto per pistol solista, FBI operazione vipera gialla, FBI operazione Pakistan, just to name a few). The score is based on two themes, one nocturnal with Latin flavor and jazz and swing inflections and the other a beautiful melody in bossa nova rhythm that provides the movie’s main theme, each orchestrated in a variety of ways to illustrate the movie’s various situations and relevant emotional keys. Almost completely unreleased, it’s a wonderful score by the great Maestro that finally enjoys a well-deserved definitive edition.

The CD is presented in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Filippo de Masi, art design by Alessio Iannuzzi and mastering by Claudio Fuiano.

Sinfonia per due spie

1. Sinfonia per due spie 2:47
2. Las vegas madison 1:38
3. Mexico bossa nova 3:46
4. Pepita’s twist n. 1 3:00
5. Blue dream 4:09
6. Perry scott blues 2:16
7. Pepita’s twist n. 2 3:36
8. Tamara theme 1:59
9. From venice to San Francisco 1:58
10. Krimm fligth 2:21
11. Desert and cow-boy 1:03
12. Promenade in China 2:35
13. Hangover 1:29
14. Return to frisco 1:06
15. Rodeo 1:13
16. West cow story 1:59
17. Tamara apparition 2:21
18. Waiting for death 2:19
19. Flight to the sky 2:57

Bonus track
20. Sinfonia per due spie - seq. 1 1:18
21. Sinfonia per due spie - seq. 2 2:04
22. Tamara theme 1:50
23. Las Vegas madison 1:38
24. Sinfonia per due spie - seq. 3 2:01
25. Pepita’s twist n. 2 (versione lunga) 4:02
26. Sinfonia per due spie - seq 4 2:43

TT 60:50