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Musique de John Williams

Varèse Club - Édition limitée à 2500 exemplaires 

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Presumed Innocent, the debut novel of Scott Turow, was a bestseller upon publication in 1987: a twisty, ultra-smart account of a prosecutor investigating the murder of a brilliant colleague with whom he was having an affair—and all clues point to himself as the perpetrator.

The book was made into an equally riveting, first-class film in 1990, directed by Alan J. Pakula (Klute, All the President’s Men) and starring Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia, Paul Winfield, Greta Scacchi and John Spencer.

By 1990, John Williams was a worldwide icon for his soundtracks to blockbusters—but he was a master of every possible genre, including the unique combination of crime thriller and courtroom drama that was Presumed Innocent.

Williams created a haunting, beguiling score of subtle piano, noble yet melancholy French horn, churning strings and even a wisp of synthesizer to express the film’s exploration of guilt and innocence, virtue and obsession. It is an exquisitely subtle score, but melodic and stimulating—and dramatically pitch-perfect. 

Presumed Innocent was released by Varèse Sarabande at the time of the film, and has now been expanded and remastered by Mike Matessino in a new program of the complete score, followed by unique album versions and alternates. New liner notes are by Jeff Bond.

Limited edition of 2,500 copies.


1. Main Title (From The Motion Picture Presumed Innocent)** 1:37

2. Family Morning 1:11

3. Carolyn’s Office (Film Version) ** 1:13

4. Burning The Note * 1:18

5. The B File (Film Version) 1:16

6. Juvenile Pictures * :46

7. Remembering Carolyn 2:20

8. Reacting To Carolyn * 1:08

9. Love Scene 4:08

10. Off The Case / You’re Always Right * 2:37

11. The Bedroom Scene (Film Version) ** 4:22

12. On The Advice Of Counsel 1:26

13. In The Patio 2:24

14. Carolyn’s Apartment ** :51

15. Family Theme * :57

16. Physical Evidence * :45

17. Outside The Courthouse * :45

18. Leon Talks 2:01

19. Fingerprints * 1:06

20. Barbara And Rusty 1:12

21. Case Dismissed (Film Version) :49

22. The Boat Scene 2:16

23. Return To Normal ** 1:00

24. The Basement Scene (Film Version) ** 2:56

25. Barbara’s Confession 5:19

26. End Credits (From The Motion Picture Presumed Innocent) ** 4:03


27. Presumed Innocent 4:14

28. Family Life 1:32

29. The B File 3:30

30. The Bedroom Scene 4:22

31. Carolyn’s Office 3:26

32. Rusty Accused 2:08

33. Case Dismissed 1:55

34. The Basement Scene 2:57

35. End Credits 4:06

* Previously unreleased

** Contains previously unreleased material

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