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Musique de Gabriel Yared  / Brussels Philharmonic dirigé par Dirk Brossé

Silva Screen - Digipack 2-CD

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Oscar winning composer Gabriel Yared is one of the most well-respected composers in film. Yared won an Academy Award for his score to Anthony Minghella’s The English Patient, which also won him a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a Grammy. Yared was originally known for his work in French cinema, starting with Jean-Luc Godard and later Jean-Jacques Beineix (Betty Blue) and Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Lover). He also composed ballet music for works such as Clavigo for The Paris Opera and Wayne McGregor’s Raven Girl for The Royal Opera Ballet.

“I hope that by listening to some of my film music and just closing your eyes, you can imagine and invent your own film. This is what music aims for, just any kind of music: to trigger the imagination and let you create your own images, your own world.” – Gabriel Yared

Disc 1
1 The English Patient Suite (From "The English Patient")
2 L’avion (The Plane) (From "L'avion")
3 Cascades (From "The Ark and the Deluge")
4 Oasis Terre (From "The Ark and the Deluge")
5 Map of the Human Heart Suite (From "Map of the Human Heart")
6 L’amant (The Lover) Main Theme (From "L’amant")
7 Tatie Danielle (Auntie Danielle) Suite (From "Tatie Danielle")
8 Camille (From "Camille Claudel")
9 Camille et Rodin (From "Camille Claudel")
10 Ut Jucundas
11 Nostalgia (From "La Romana")
12 La folie des docks (From "The Moon in the Gutter")
13 Fugue de la Cathédrale (From "The Moon in the Gutter")
14 Tango de l’impasse (From "The Moon in the Gutter"
15 Bon voyage (From "Bon Voyage")

1 Homage to Maurice Jarre
2 Troy Suite (From "Troy")
3 Syncopes (From "The Talented Mr Ripley")
4 Lullaby for Cain (From "The Talented Mr Ripley")
5 Crazy Tom (From "The Talented Mr Ripley")
6 Rosa’s Theme (From "The Life Ahead")
7 37°2 le matin Suite (From "Betty Blue")
8 Départ pour Grasse (From "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky")
9 Possesso (From "Possession")
10 Les saveurs du Palais Suite (From "Haute Cuisine")
11 Tom à la ferme (Tom at the Farm) Suite (from "Tom at the Farm")
12 Elegy for Charlotte (From "Autumn in New York")
13 City of Angels Suite (From "City of Angels")
14 Wings of Courage Suite (From "Wings of Courage")
15 Amelia End Credits (From "Amelia")

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