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Musique composée par Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada - Édition limitée

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At last! Courtesy both UMG & Paramount Pictures, Intrada is proud to present world premiere release of complete Jerry Goldsmith score for 1985 Joe Dante fantasy-fable, starring Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Jason Presson. Oft considered Goldsmith's most exciting and evocative work for Dante, composer anchors rich score around magnificent soaring theme suggesting flight, then surrounds with exciting adventure material. Original MCA album featured just 30 minutes of scoring highlights plus three songs but now there is so much more to be savored: haunting melody for Dick Miller character, warm Americana music for three boys (featuring harmonica!), cool music for creation of "bubble", metallic action music for spider attack on alien planet, much more! Major new highlight: "Home Flight" sequence, including richly nostalgic music as trio watches spacecraft slowly sink into river - showcasing Goldsmith's gift for writing lean, transparent string music. Cue is warm, emotional, exquisite! Every note of score Goldsmith recorded appears from mint condition multi-track stereo masters stored in Paramount vaults, all courtesy magnificent engineering of Bruce Botnick. Extras include "Space Movie" by Alexander Courage, for fun sequence at drive-in. Notes by Jeff Bond illuminate production & scoring. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release.

The Album
01. Main Title (Unused Version with 'Wak's Boogie') (0:51)
02. Main Title (Film Version) (0:47)
03. The First Dream (0:58)
04. Sticks And Stones (2:23)
05. Lori/Intervention (0:50)
06. Home (2:10)
07. The Bubble (1:47)
08. 'Sci-Fi' Flick/The Roof-Top (2:04)
09. Crazed Bubble/Fuse Box (2:44)
10. Free Ride (3:43)
11. Peek-A-Boo (1:53)
12. The Prospect (1:40)
13. The Construction (2:35)
14. The Thunder Road (1:25)
15. First Flight (3:03)
16. No Air (2:34)
17. I Want To Live (1:42)
18. Time For Bed (1:36)
19. More Dreams/Dreams (1:45)
20. Let's Go (1:44)
21. Fast Getaway (4:58)
22. Wait Up (1:00)
23. The Spider (0:56)
24. Alien Love Call (0:57)
25. We Come In Peace (2:04)
26. She Likes Me (2:39)
27. Neek Chords (0:19)
28. Looks Real (2:03)
29. Space Pirates (0:32)
30. Gifts/Home Flight (5:21)
31. Have A Nice Trip (8:03)

Total Album Time: 70:08

The Extras
32. Tannhauser Overture [Excerpt] (Richard Wagner) (4:04)
33. Space Movie (Alexander Courage) (3:02)

Total Extras Time: 7:09