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Musique de Christoph Blaser

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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KRONOS RECORDS presents the soundtrack to TATORT: ES LEBE DER KÖNIG, our second exciting collaboration with the uber-talened German composer Christoph Blaser (composer of ARTHUR'S LAW). TATORT is a very popular TV series in its homeland Germany. It has been running for many years and has a cult followup of fans ranging from the young to the less young,

In the words of the director "The film score is - I believe - the soul of a film. Thus, it is important for me to work with a composer that possesses the talent and a strong, distinct style that - through his music, through his soul - lend a unique, added dimension to a film."

Christoph has indeed managed once more to compose a very exciting multi-layered soundtrack, that apart working brilliantly in the film also works perfectly as a standalone experience making for a really beautiful album. It is an immense pleasure for us to release this soundtrack on CD format.

1. Einer weiss mehr
2. Bernd Wer?
3. Unerwünschter Besuch
4. Für die Burg
5. Hugo im Anmarsch
6. Fusselbart
7. Mehr Schmelz
8. Nebel im Kopf
9. Schwarz sehen
10. Fischen mit Vadder
11. Satanas illuminatio mea
12. Auf dem Weg
13. Finstere Kräfte
14. Ruhepuls
15. Neuankömmlinge
16. Es lebe der König
17. In der Luft hängen
18. Volle Wucht
19. Manfred ist tot
20. Die Radtkes
21. Münster bei Nacht
22. Schräge Vögel
23. Königsruhe
24. Abgang in Metall
25. Im nächsten Leben

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