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Musique de Szymon Szewczyk

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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KRONOS RECORDS once again is proud to champion fresh, up and coming talent. This time is the turn of young Polish composer SZYMON SZEWCZYK. We were introduced to Szymon's work by our friend CHRISTOPH BLASER, with whom Szymon collaborated by writing additional music on our other current relwase TATORT; ES LEBE DER KÖNIG. RED YELLOW PINK is a dramatic Polish film from 2020. Written and directed by Jolanta Warpechowski and starring David Paul , Adrian Koszewski, Agnieszka Salamon and Wojciech Galzinski.

RED YELLOW PINK tells the story of a son and his mother. Their differences, prejudices and ovecoming prejudice, ultiamtely acceptance. The film is the nominee in nine festivals and winner of three awards. Szymon's music puts and emphasis on life, kindness and death. In the composer's own words:

"When I saw the first finished scenes of “Red-Yellow-Pink” and made my first attempts at making the music, I was certain that this way was much closer to the emotions expressed by the actors. In the scenes where we can see feelings between the two main characters – Maciej and Dawid – my goal was to use music to create an impression of an honest, kind and natural relationship."

Szewczyk has managed to compose a very intimate, personal score that underscores both life and its naural ending, death with a tint (sometimes light, sometimes heavy) of melancholy.

01. Opening Title
02. Love Theme
03. Shocked Mother
04. Memory Of Krzysztof
05. Good Times
06. Photo
07. Surprise
08. Family Conflict
09. Maciej And Dawid
10. Bad Prognosis
11. Symptoms
12. Lake Lullaby
13. Hope Dies Last
14. Last Hours
15. Agony And Death
16. After Funeral
17. End Titles

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