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Musique composée par BRIAN TYLER

La-La Land - Édition limitée à 3000 exemplaires


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La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox presents composer Brian Tyler's (FAST FIVE, BUBBA HO-TEP, THE EXPENDABLES 1&2, BATTLE LOS ANGELES) robust, adventurous orchestral score to the 2011 FOX television series TERRA NOVA, starring Jason O'Mara, Shelly Conn and Stephen Lang. Composer Tyler deftly supports this ambitious, dinosaur-peppered time-travel/sci-fi series with a sweeping, thematic score that has it all from big action thrills to tender, heartwarming moments. Produced by Brian Tyler and mastered by James Nelson, this special 2-CD SET is limited to 3000 units and features in depth liner notes by film music writer Brian Satterwhite, which include comments from the composer and producer Brannon Braga.


Terra Nova 2:55
Cycles of Time 4:38
One Last Hope for Humanity 3:20
Banishment 2:19
This Valley 2:38
The Moon 1:28
You Let Her Leave With Him 2:37
Sky's Mother 1:28
The Portal 3:43
Someone Wants to Talk With You 2:31
More Than a Memory 4:53
Patrols 1:57
The Plan 5:19
Flying Over Terra Nova 2:02
I'm Heading Outside the Gates 4:02
What Were You Really Doing? 5:33
All I Needed to Know 6:25
The Investigation of Outpost 9 5:04
There Are Millions of Them 3:23
Last Known Location 3:54
You're My Son 1:37
We Brought Back Two 1:55
Promises 2:24
Total Disc Time: 76:48

Magical Journey 3:02
Entering the Vortex 2:50
Memorial Field 2:02
Base Camp 2:58
Rebirth 3:05
Remember That Handle 6:09
New Earth 1:11
Sixers Intel 2:39
Take the Shot 2:00
Memory's Echo 2:48
Into the Beyond 2:13
Save Your Spot 3:10
Figuring Out What Happened 1:12
Take a Look Around 2:11
I Want to Declare My Intentions 3:44
There She Goes 1:36
I Sure Hope You Are Right 2:29
Preparing for Battle 2:59
This Is Lea Marcos 1:46
They're In Charge 1:23
Opportunity 1:34
Prehistory 3:39
Shooting Stars 0:49
Total Disc Time: 58:10