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Musique composée par NATHAN JOHNSON

La-La Land - Édition limitée à 3000 exemplaires

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Cut Narrative and La-La Land Records present the original motion picture score to the critically acclaimed sci-fi motion picture LOOPER, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, written and directed by Rian Johnson - in theaters September 28th, 2012 from Tri-Star Pictures and Film district. Composer Nathan Johnson (BRICK, BLUE STATE, THE BROTHERS BLOOM) crafts an inventive and riveting musical soundscape, featuring a host of indecipherable instruments that seamlessly mesh with intertwining rhythms and textures to create a sonic tapestry that perfectly complements this wildly ingenious time travel Sci-Fi thriller in which a hitman, a "Looper" played by Levitt, is faced with the task of assassinating his future self, played by Willis. This Limited Edition CD release of 3000 units includes music that is NOT available on the digital download version.


1. A Body That Technically Does Not Exist (1:21)
2. A Day in the Life (1:10)
3. Closing Your Loop (2:56)
4. Seth’s Tale (2:54)
5. Run (2:49)
6. A Life in the Day (2:22)
7. Time Machine (2:40)
8. Hunting The Past (2:55)
9. Following the Loop (1:42)
10. Mining for Memories (1:54)
11. A New Scar (2:34)
12. Her Face (2:37)
13. City Sweep (0:46)
14. Revelations (5:12)
15. The Rainmaker (4:26)
16. La Belle Aurora (1:01)
17. Showdown (1:36)
18. The Path Was A Circle (4:51)
19. Everything Comes Around (2:41)

20. Withdrawals (0:32)
21. Closing Your Loop (Film mix) (2:32)
22. Hobo Attack (1:36)
23. Thirty-Two (1:24)
24. Run (Film mix) (3:04)
25. Comundications/City Sweep (Film mix) (1:23)
26. Theme From Looper (Solo piano version) (5:28)