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Musique composée par BEAR McCREARY

La-La Land - Édition limitée à 2000 exemplaires

3 CDs

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Presenting acclaimed composer Bear McCreary’s (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CAPRICA, EUREKA) original orchestral score to the first season of the Warner Bros. television series HUMAN TARGET, starring Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley. McCreary’s robust, Emmy-Nominated score to this action-packed series featured an average of 60 live players per episode, making it the “largest group of musicians to play on a live-action television series in years,” according to Variety. Four of the tracks included on this deluxe 3 CD-SET are from the first season finale, which features an unprecedented 94 musicians. This limited edition set, produced by Bear McCreary and mastered by Patricia Fourstar Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, features a 3rd disc of bonus tracks with alternate cues and demos - exclusive only to this release. HUMAN TARGET Executive Producer/Writer Jonathan E. Steinberg, Bear McCreary and actor Mark Valley contribute liner notes for the CD set’s 20 Page booklet. This is a limited edition of 2000 Units.


Theme from Human Target (Long Version) 1:32
Skydive 5:19
No Threats 4:16
Military Camp Rescue 4:36
Motorcycle Escape 5:27
Monastery in the Mountains 1:41
Paint a Bullseye 2:19
The Katherine Walters File 4:29
Switching Sides 6:09
This is Awkward 2:11
The Russian Embassy 3:32
The Devil’s Mouth 1:20
Ice Cubes 2:05
Allyson’s Past 3:05
Flipping the Plane 10:54
Driving Away :48
Airborne and Lethal 3:34
Chance’s Old Boss 3:54
Old Chance 2:15
Skyhook Rescue 7:05
Into the West 1:35
Total Time: Disc 1 78:16

New York City Arrival 1:51
Train Fight 3:32
Baptiste 2:37
Tango Fight 1:26
Maria and Chance 2:34
Katherine’s Killer 4:10
Confronting Baptiste 8:49
Courthouse Brawl 5:07
Stop Running 3:06
Not a Pacifist :44
Bullet Train 1:55
Gondola 8:43
An Old Life 3:19
Lockdown 5:00
A Bottle of Japanese Whiskey 1:32
Victoria 3:29
The New Champion 5:54
Emma Barnes 3:08
Stephanie’s Ring 1:49
Port Yard Deaths 2:52
The New Christopher Chance 6:33
Theme from Human Target (Short Version) :40
Total Time: Disc 2 79:23

DISC 3 (Bonus Tracks)
Flight Attendant Wilson :48
Round One 3:24
Emma’s Bra 2:24
Maria Gallego 1:59
Afraid in Alaska 1:23
Guerrero and Sergei 2:51
Chance Takes the Job :54
Tracking Device 3:03
The Black Room 1:41
Fighting Kendrick Taylor 1:27
Bertram 6:59
Sparing Guerrero 1:45
Scar Stories 3:34
Danny’s Killer 2:42
Chaos in the Cockpit 5:51
A Mistake :50
Chance’s Theme (Sketch Version 1) 1:17
Chance’s Theme (Sketch Version 2) 1:42
Katherine’s Theme (Solo Piano Version) 1:50
Theme from Human Target (Alternate Short Version) :42
Total Time: Disc 3 47:11