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Music Composed by Sergio Jimenez Lacima

Rosetta Records

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The music of Sergio Jimenez tilts, like the story, around the main character. And responds to two levels or planes linked intrinsically to the character: physical and emotional. On one hand, music is identified with the physical pain of the character as well as its relationship with the island's environment. An island that seems, at almost every moment, to have a life of its own, becoming the true antagonist of our story. A kind of "body to body" fight between nature and character, which takes him to extreme physical limits where pain, agony and anguish coexist with their desire for survival. A sound texture, composed of several sound design elements that transform acoustic, organic, raw, tribal and even human sounds to achieve an aggressive sound without compassion, as the relationship between nature and our main character.

But it is the emotional plane in which music seeks to provide us, as an audience, those elements of memory and hope that complete this inner journey that transforms the protagonist. A music that accompanies his multiple mental and emotional processes that suffers during those 48 hours which, at the same time, cause him an inner change for life. The perfect situation in which music manages to go beyond what we as audience see. The survival story is considered, musically, almost as a trigger to tell the true story, the true theme of the film: the emotional transformation that the main character suffers as a result of that unfortunate accident. Here the score tries to express his inner struggle, his emotions, his reflection on mistakes made in life, his selfish attitude, his repressed feelings, his toxic relationships and a myriad of feelings that we seek to connect and empathize with. Who has not experienced, in one way or another, any of these feelings? That is why music builds a bridge between us and the inner depth of the character, so that we can feel everything we do not see.

1. Pecenescal, (2:12)
2. I wonder if I am a good person (1:13)
3. Why did you bright me here? (2:07)
4. On the way to pecenescal (2:02)
5. The accident (2:20)
6. Counting waves for surviving (1:24)
7. What am I doing here? (3:24)
8. Looking for an exit (2:42)
9. I bade them all farewell (2:18)
10. A new beginning (3:52)
11. Alvaro sees himself (0:44)
12. Fighting against the ocean (1:45)
13. Alone at night (5:43) 14. Mon and dad (1:53)
15. The last wave (2,35)
16. Leaving the cove (5:48)
17. The rescue (2,37)
18. I can be alone and survive (6,37)
19. Triple (bonus track) (2:38)
20. Dark sea, (Bonus track) (2:58)

Total Time: 56:52

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