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Music composed by Bruce Broughton

Intrada - Limited edition

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Swashbuckling with Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Bruce Broughton’s score! Animators at Walt Disney Productions created a brilliant 2004 treatment of famous Alexandre Dumas 19th-Century swashbuckling romance with Disney’s most famous icons of imagination becoming Royal Musketeers. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy - with Pluto in tow - anchor this colorful tale that finds the quartet foiling plans by the evil captain of the musketeers to imprison the princess of France (Minnie Mouse), her lady-in-waiting (Daisy Duck) and usurp the kingdom. With the heroes toiling as mere janitors but soon finding strength of character and courage, romance quickly ensues as does rousing adventure and perilous swordplay. Music carries everything along from opening to close! Broughton fashions lavish original music in his most colorful, full orchestral vein. Standing front and center is his main musketeer theme, an ebullient major-key tune that would befit any Errol Flynn swashbuckler! It plays in guises grand and charming, exciting and playful. Broughton also creates a beautiful original waltz theme to lift and highlight the romance between Mickey and Minnie. The sweeping melody, one of Broughton’s finest, is richly harmonized and passionately scored. The movie’s songs carry weight as well. For these, Broughton skillfully works his original music into and out of familiar classical melodies by Offenbach, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Johann Strauss II, Bizet, Beethoven and Sullivan, with new given lyrics by Chris Otsuki that help bring the fanciful tale to life. Broughton adapted these numbers along with his associate, Bill Elliot, so they would play seamlessly with the original score. Disney released a mini-album of the songs in 2004 and those are included in this Intrada release but this is the world premiere presentation of Broughton’s original score. He had to write meticulously to ensure his score and the classical melodies would weave together in perfect harmony, as he discusses in his own liner notes inside the colorful booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Flipper-style cover artwork features Mickey, Donald and Goofy in all their regal musketeer glory! Broughton describes his music as a blend of classically heroic with nods to the France locale of the story. He also notes this particular score remains one of his personal favorites! We heartily agree! Amongst many highlights is Broughton’s splendid 6-minute “End Credits” which summarizes his original score with plenty of dazzle dazzle! All parties involved in this release agreed to retain the perfect meld of original score and songs, weaving them together just as they were scored and presented in the film. The musical pleasures are rewarding indeed! Amin Steiner records and mixes at the Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox. Bruce Broughton conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title* (0:49)
02. Musketeers’ Prologue/“All For One And One For All” (4:39)
03. Morning Ablutions* (1:53)
04. Pete’s Yardsticks* (1:56)
05. The Princess Fantasies/“Love So Lovely” (4:06)
06. The Beagle Boys’ Bungle* (2:31)
07. Stay Alert!* (2:50)
08. Wrestling Miss Daisy* (0:53)
09. “Petey’s King Of France” (1:31)
10. Musketeer Escorts (1:04)
11. Bad Guys! (5:46)
12. The Rescue*/“Sweet Wings Of Love” (3:13)
13. Drubbing Donald* (5:03)
14. Donald Deserts (2:15)
15. To Mont St-Mickey (0:34)
16. Mickey In Irons*/“Chains Of Love” (4:20)
17. Bovine Unbind*/“This Is The End”* (2:49)
18. Mickey’s Rescue (3:37)
19. King Pete (0:50)
20. “L’Opera” (5:19)
21. The Three, Musketeered/“All For One And One For All” (Reprise) (1:06)
22. End Credits (6:02)
Total Time: 63:10

* Includes Music Not Featured in Film

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