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Music Composed by Carlo Savina

Penta Records

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After a brief excursion in sci-fi, Pentamusic resumes its journey into Western territory with Joe L'implacabile, a previously-unreleased score by the gifted composer Carlo Savina, whose immense body of work has seen a well-deserved resurgence of interest in the past year thanks to prolific reissues of his scores.

Joe L'implacabile, directed in 1966 by Antonio Margheriti, is a story of banks and dynamite with a somewhat ironic plot rife with Italian Western trademarks, much in fashion at the time speaking.

The score by Maestro Savina has it all. Centered on a trumpet deguello theme, it offers a nice selection of the compositional style of this fine musician, who avails himself of the collaboration of such distinguished performers as Franco De Gemini (harmonica) and Alessandro Alessandroni e I cantori moderni (choir).

A limited edition of 500 copies, this debut release is sure to please lovers of Western music and Italian cinema alike. The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet featuring in-depth liner notes by prominent scholar Laurence Staig, pioneer in British film criticism and author of one of the first essays on Italian Western movies, ''Italian Western: The Opera of Violence'' originally published in 1975.


1. DI YNAMIGHT (Titoli di testa vocal) 1:05
2. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Cavalcata di Joe) 3:14
3. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Situziazione pericolosa) 5:17
4. A LOVE SONG (vocal) 2:18
5. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Misterioso solenne) 2:21
6. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Terra torrida) 4:34
7. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Cavalcata e attesa) 2:28
8. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (tensione e buffa caccia) 2:31
9. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Libero e selvaggio) 2:11
10. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Scontro) 1:54
11. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Momento buffo) 1:36
12. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Inseguimento) 0:56
13. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Attesa misteriosa) 3:47

Bonus Tracks
14. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Valzer) 1:34
15. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Atmosfera eroica) 1:50
16. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Clavicembalo per Joe) 3:22
17. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Valzer N° 2) 5:23
18. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Praterie selvagge) 4:04
19. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Chitarra per Joe) 1:38
20. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Diligenza) 2:14
21. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Attesa) 2:16
22. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Duello sanguinario) 2:40
23. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Attimi buffi) 1:38
24. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Cavalcando di nuovo) 2:12
25. JOE L'IMPLACABILE(Giocando con la dinamite) 3:19
26. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Attesa e attacco) 2:19
27. JOE L'IMPLACABILE (Finale) 3:55
28. DI YNAMIGHT (Titoli di testa base strumentale) 1:05
29. A LOVE SONG (Strumentale) 2:13