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Music composed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera & Hoyt Curtin

La-La Land


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La-La Land Records and Warner Bros. present the world premiere release of the original television score to the 1964-65 classic animated Hanna-Barbera adventure series JONNY QUEST, with music by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Hoyt Curtin and musical direction by Hoyt Curtin and Ted Nichols. Requested by fans for decades, the thrilling and groundbreaking original music from one of the most beloved 60’s animated shows of all time finally makes its official debut with this deluxe, knockout 2-CD presentation. The musical genius of Hoyt Curtin (THE FLINTSTONES, TOP CAT, SCOOBY DOO) is on full display here – thrilling, jazz-infused action scoring, brimming with excitement and drama! Produced by Lukas Kendall, Taylor White and Nik Ranieri, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this 2-CD limited release of 3000 units includes bonus tracks and features fascinating, in depth liner notes by film music journalist Jon Burlingame and writer Jeff Bond. Adventurous art design by Joe Sikoryak compliments this celebratory release that will thrill fans of all ages!


CD 1
    Jonny Quest Main Title 1:51
    The Mystery of the Lizard Men
    Brass Rise to Shock/Slow Somber Threat 0:58
    Soft Fast Travel  0:55
    Sinister Organ/Danger Bridge/Explorer Gut Shock/Low Brooding With Shock 2:26
    Violent Drum With Brass Travel  1:00
    Slow Monster Approach/Quest Chase With Wild Finish 1:26
    State Dept March/Foreign Legion and Gallop 1:20

    Arctic Splashdown
    Run Thru the Meadow 0:43
    Brooding Clarinet to Heavy End/Bridge 0:37
    Dangerous Build Up/Long Bridge 5 1:02
    Rock and Roll Finale 0:58

    The Curse of Anubis
    Arabs Appear/Arab Chief/Brooding Arab With Shock   2:13
    Bull Fighter March   1:18
    Rising Pulse to Shock/Native Drums Into Scramble  1:26

    Riddle of the Gold   
    String and Brass Tension/Time Pass 3 1:37
    Southern Drag  1:41
    India Night  1:17
    Somber Brass Lead-In/Brass Shock Wave/Snake Dance 1:16
    Jungle Rhythm to Shock/Camel Caravan 2:37

    Treasure of the Temple
    Exploring Dangerous Ground 1:41
    Danger/Bridge/Time Pass 4 0:55
    Slow Monster Ominous/Exploring Catacombs 2:39
    Jazz Chase   1:04

    Calcutta Adventure
    Persian Market   0:18
    Stinger/Theme March    0:41
    Flute Chase/Med Chase 1:47

    The Robot Spy   
    Wild Chase  0:56
    Eerie Feeling/Mysterious      3:42
    Scarecrow Dance/Cleopatra’s Ghost      2:08
    Low Brass Menace With String/Sinister Organ With Brass End    0:55
    Snappy Travel to Danger      0:55
    Pulsating Chase 1:03

    Double Danger   
    Lite Scene Change/Harp Intro Bridge/Humming Bird With Button    0:58
    Danger/Mad Scientist/Japanese Island   2:15
    Sneaking Up on Trouble/Fast Travel With Pause/Exit With Plan   1:22

    Shadow of the Condor  
    Horse and Buggy    1:03
    Rising Bridge With String/Rising Tension With Brass Shock/Serious With Marimba 2:44
    Long Bridge 2   0:17
    Heavy Perry Mason/Wild Chase Remake Builds to End    1:39
    Run Up to Sting/Panic Chase/Busy Travel Orient Feeling 2:04

    Skull and Double Crossbones  
    Modern Jazz      1:09
    Flute Tip Toe With String     0:36
    Peter Gunn Travel   0:53
    Happy Looking Fast/Descending With String   1:33
    Swinging Jazz Chase     1:01

    The Dreadful Doll   
    Discovery/Short Bridge/Dog 4, Lite Fool Around/Dog Play 2 1:29
    Jazz Conversation     0:59
    Menace/Voodoo/Blue Suspense 2:52
    Long Bridge 4/Brooding Guitar to Soft Travel/Monster Creep-Up Big Ending    2:41

    A Small Matter of Pygmies     
    Shocks and Stingers/Moving Along With Danger Anticipation     2:01
    Bad Guys Speak/Disturbed Jungle  1:23
    Monster Approaches Flintstones/Foreign Legion Appears Bridge 0:53
    Theme March Jazz   0:29
    Total Disc Time:     77:11

CD 2  
    Jonny Quest Art Card  0:05

    Dragons of Ashida   
    Drum Chase   1:26
    Jazz Travel     2:01
    Quiet Suspense/Monster  2:16
    Suspense/Conversation Suspense 2:52

    Turu the Terrible    
    Dog Play 1     0:30
    Slow Clarinet Suspense/Flighty Suspense     2:57
    Danger Comes/Time Pass 1     0:43

    The Fraudulent Volcano    
    Theme Chase Faster/Driving Chase   1:31
    Eerie Into Various/Drama     2:34
    Fight Sequence/Bills Chase  2:20
    Happy Jazz Chase   1:30

    Werewolf in the Timberland   
    Ultra Mysterious      1:30
    Dramatic 2/Swinging Ghost 1:25
    Conversation      0:39
    Long Bridge 3/Theme 1/Lite B.G. Nothing’s Happening   2:18

    Pirates From Below
    Underwater or Outer Space With Echo/Kookie Haunted House   1:39
    Happy Jazz/Bridge Xylo and String      1:03
    Drum Travel      1:45
    String Spook 1:21

    Attack of the Tree People   
    Sailing    0:58
    Toy Factory/Playful 2:14
    Plane Touchdown Faster/Dramatic 1     0:35
    Theme Travel     1:03

    The Invisible Monster   
    String S.O.S. With String Sneaky Tip-Toe 1:00
    Theme Chase/Moving Along      1:50

    The Devil’s Tower   
    Little Cue Rising Organ/Sweet Thoughts Into Suspense    1:08
    Shocks and Suspense/Dark Descent      2:40
    Long Danger Bridge/Avalanche      1:25

    The Quetong Missile Mystery  
    Plodding Monster    0:36
    Dr. Zin/Morbid  3:23
    Intense Motion  1:23
    Epilogue 1:20

    The House of Seven Gargoyles
    Voodoo Strange      0:47
    Bad Guys/Shock     2:10

    Terror Island     
    Monsters/Section 2  1:26
    Theme 2/Brooding Mood With Big Sting   1:11
    Bridge Muted Trumpets/Dog Play 3      0:39
    Agitated Motion      1:01
    Theme March Retake    0:26
    Jonny Quest End Title0:50

    Bonus Tracks     
    Bridge—J.Q. String Bridge 0:08
    Lite Fast Jazz     0:43
    Genghis Khan Enters/End of Scene Bridge 0:46
    Skid Row     1:16
    Sinister Feeling—Something’s Sneaking Around to Samba Chase 1:32
    Jade Bumps and Grinds2:16
    Pasha Peddler Jazz   0:51
    Conversation Blues/Sexy Conversation 1:36
    Happy Thoughts 1:11
    Conversation Swing 1:04
    Conversation Jazz     0:38
    Sweet Thoughts  1:07
    Total Disc Time:     75:11