Music Composed by Carlo Savina


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THE UNNATURALS (original title CONTRONATURA)?We are pleased to release the complete edition CD of the OST by Carlo Savina for the movie “The Unnaturals”.

The rich Archibald Barret drives his car to Brighton where he plans to deliver some important documents to his lawyer, which will make him the permanent owner of his deceased cousin Richard Wright’s assets. With him are his accountant Ben Taylor with his wife Vivian, and the farmer Alfred Singler with his lover Margareth. It is the middle of the night in pouring down rain and his car goes off the road. The five people take refuge in a chalet where they happen upon the owner Uriah and her mother Herta performing a séance, so they are invited to take part. At that moment the woman, who is already in a trance begins to evoke each of the guests’ pasts and reveals their faults to everyone present: Alfred was discovered having an affair with Margareth which caused his wife’s death; Vivian has an unnatural burning love for Richard’s wife; Archibald poisons his cousin in order to take possession of his assets and lets Ben be found guilty of his death; and finally Ben, who is keeping quiet to hide a crime committed by his wife. Two innocent servants are sentenced to death for Richard’s murder - Uriah, to be precise, and her mother. They come back from the dead to take revenge by revealing the truth, which triggers a fight between the five people and ends in their deaths.

1. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.1) 1:06
2. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 1) 0:45
3. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.2) 1:35
4. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 2) 1:12
5. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.3) 2:15
6. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 3) 2:01
7. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.4) 1:25
8. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 4) 2:04
9. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.5) 1:22
10. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 5) 2:13
11. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.6) 2:10
12. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 6) 1:20
13. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.7) 2:17
14. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 7) 3:21
15. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.8) 2:14
16. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 8) 1:41
17. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.9) 1:54
18. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 9) 0:57
19. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.10) 1:29
20. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 10) 1:54
21. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.11) 1:41
22. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.12) 1:17
23. CONTRO NATURA (ballabile 11) 1:49
24. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.13) 2:29
25. CONTRO NATURA (dramatic score seq.14) 1:04