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Music composed by Frank Harris

Perseverance Records

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In the vein of our first two Van Damme releases, "Kickboxer" and "Bloodsport", we now bring you our third album containing music from films with the Muscles From Brussels. The world premiere release of Frank Harris' music to the Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer (his first!) No Retreat, No Surrender that was heard in all versions around the world, except for the US version where his score was inexplicably replaced by one by Paul Gilreath. Our CD includes no less than FOUR versions of the classic Eighties anthem "Hold On to the Vision", featuring Joe Satriani on guitar and vocals by Kevin Chalfant.
This CD features all digital remixes of the songs next to the original mixes, as well as the complete score in chronological film order. The score was recorded in mono for the film in 1986 (the producer wanted it that way), but we have given it a "fake" stereo sound so it sounds richer. Bullseye!

1-"Hold On to the Vision" Original Mix 3:34 Featuring Joe Satriani on Guitar
2-"Hold On to the Vision" '08 Remix 3:38
3-"Hold On to the Vision" Lionshare Mix '87 3:35
4-"Hold On to the Vision" Karaoke Remix 3:40
5-"Bottle and a Song" Remix 2:21
6-"Ask Me to Stay" Original Mix 0:56
7-"Ask Me to Stay" Remix 1:28
8-Opening 0:38
9-Opening Remix 1:47
10-Training Sequence 1:33
11-Training Sequence Remix 1:50
12-Opening Credits 0:52
13-Dojo Fight Drone1 1:10
14-Dojo Fight Stingers 0:23
15-Dojo Fight Drone2 0:29
16-At the Hospital / Lighting Candles 1:01
17-To Seattle 1:39
18-Set Up Garage 1:53
19-RJ / I'm Bad1 0:30
20-Breakdance in Garage 0:38
21-Training in Garage 0:38
22-Escape on Skateboard 0:21
23-Fat Boy Fall 0:07
24-At Bruce Lee's Grave 1:35
25-Burger Joint Music 1:26
26-Jason's Rage 0:41
27-Ian the Champ 1:31
28-Pre Escape Stinger 0:16
29-The Escape 0:57
30-"Close to You" 2:11
31-No Violence Stinger 0:10
32-Fight at Party 1:52
33-Sensei Lee, Help Me 1:37
34-Peaceful at Training House 1:21
35-Sensei Lee Appears 0:27
36-Training Sequence 1 1:27
37-Sandbags 0:19
38-Training Sequence 3 0:48
39-"Bottle and a Song" 2:16
40-Sensei Leaving 0:35
41-"Hold on to the Vision" 2:30
42-Bar Lot Fight Stingers 0:18
43-Bar Lot Fight 0:42
44-Breakdance Night Party 1:57
45-Get Up and Dance 1:53
46-"Ask Me to Stay" 0:56
47-The Championship 1:36
48-Reilly vs. Ivan 0:43
49-Russian 0:35
50-Reflect on Sensei 0:24
51-Race to Victory 1:14
52-Unused "Ask Me to Stay" Alternate 1:18
53-Unused Cue #2 1:26
54-Unused Cue #3 1:04
55-Unused Cue #4 0:30
56-Unused Cue #5 0:50