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Music Composed by Bruno CANFORA


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Digitmovies continues his musical journey in the Italian Peplum, by publishing volume XXIX of the series; the complete OST by Bruno Canfora from the movie "La Regina dei Tartari" (aka "The Huns" - "Queen of the Tartars") directed in 1960 by Sergio Grieco and starring Chelo Alonso, Raf Baldassarre, Chiquita Coffelli, Philippe Hersent, Folco Lulli, Mario Petri, Andrea Scotti, Jacques Sernas, Pietro Tordi and Piero Lulli. After defeating a village and killing its inhabitants, Igor (Lulli), the big chief of a Tartar tribe, decides to spare a girl named Tania (Alonso). On the death of Igor, the girl takes command of the tribe, and has her differences with Malok (Sernas), head of the Black Tartars. The name of Bruno Canfora, although it’s unfortunately not very well represented regarding OST, is undoubtedly very popular in the panorama of Italian television entertainment. Born in Milan on November 6, 1924, he is an Italian conductor, composer, arranger and lyricist. He has gone down in the history of show business and Italian pop music as composer of music for television broadcasts and songs, which have now become timeless. These include hits, such as: “Fortissimo”, “Il ballo del mattone”, “Il geghegè” (launched by Rita Pavone); “Due note”, “Brava”, “Sono come tu mi vuoi”, ”Vorrei che fosse amore”, “Zum zum zum” (all brought to success by Mina); "Da-da-un-pa" and "La notte è piccola" (a success of the Kessler twins); “Stasera mi butto”, recorded by Rocky Roberts; "Soli”, "Ne come ne perché”, "Rome by Night”; "La Vita" (brought to global success by Shirley Bassey) and many others. The public remembers the Italian Maestro Canfora as an arranger and conductor in the TV programs: "Sabato sera" hosted in 1967 by Mina, "Canzonissima'68" presented by Mina, Walter Chiari and Paolo Panelli and "Canzonissima'69" with the Kessler Twins, Johnny Dorelli and Raimondo Vianello. For cinema, Bruno Canfora has composed OST for the films “I soldi” (1963), “Le sedicenni” (1965), “James Tont operazione D.U.E.” (1966), “Spia spione” (1966), “Rita la zanzara” (1966), “Non stuzzicate la zanzara” (1967), “Il vostro super agente Flit” (1967), “Io non scappo... fuggo” (1970), “Nel giorno del Signore” (1970), “Il trucido e lo sbirro” (1978), ”La banda del trucido” (1978). For our CD, which lasts 45:18 minutes, we used every note contained in the mono master tapes of the original recording session. Maestro Canfora, for this particular OST removed the strings and used only the brass, woodwind and percussion (same artistic choice by Mario Nascimbene for "Alessandro il Grande"). These create atmospheres with an ancient flavour, between heroic and mysterious, alternating with vigorous music for battle, and the recurring presence of a delicate love theme.

1. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.1 - Titoli) 2:12
2. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.2) 3:32?
3. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.3) 2:22
4. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.4) 3:35
5. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.5) 2:28?
6. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.6) 5:52?
7. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.7) 3:46
8. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.8) 4:13
9. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.9) 3:33
10. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.10) 2:17
11. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.11) 1:59?
12. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.12) 2:50
13. LA REGINA DEI TARTARI (seq.13 - Finale) 6:08