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Music Composed by Ennio Morricone

GDM / IMR - Limited Collector's Edition of 300 units


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Giuliano Montaldo directed the thriller GLI INTOCCABILI aka Machine Gun McCain in 1969. A mafia agent in San Francisco is trying in vain to get shares in a casino in Las Vegas and rents the gangster Hank McCain (John Cassavetes), just released from 12 years in prison, to rob it. The Mafia leader Charlie Adamo (Falk) uses Hank’s young brother, Jack, to gain control of Las Vegas while Hank tries to stop the looting in many ways. The complicated family intrigues make this an entertaining crime drama that captivates, thanks to the strong cast and a fresh look of Italian director Montaldo. The sensational music by Ennio Morricone starts with the Ballad of Hank McCain. A strong theme that made it to many compilation albums and dominates the score. The song was written by Audrey Nohra and sung by Jackie Lynton. Various vocal and instrumental versions are heard on the cd. The score has pleasant lounge music that underscores the casinos in Las Vegas and Night Clubs. The love theme Irene was composed for the girlfriend of Hank McCain, Irene was played by Britt Ekland. The score has also some waltzes and various action music in the typical style of Morricone and all well conducted by Bruno Nicolai. The nice theme Rosemary was composed for the guest star Gena Rowlands who played a little role as Rosemary Scott, the tough old flame of Hank. Morricone did experiment with electronic music in those days and it worked great in the score with the film. The soundtrack is various, the orchestrations are absolutely fabulous and illustrates that Morricone is capable of writing any type of music. Machine Gun McCain was after AD OGNI COSTO (1967) Morricone’s second film score for Giuliano Montaldo as ten more would follow.


This psychological drama was made in 1969 by director Paolo Spinola. It is an Italian Art House film. Here is the story in short. Laura (Giovanna Ralli) finds that her husband Andrea (Silvano Tranquilli) is bored with her. She is too inhibited to provoke him and asks advice from her girlfriends. One suggests an open marriage with cheating to keep the tension going. Another, Delfina (Carla Gravina) is willing to be a candidate for a ménage à trois. Her careful going along with these ideas lead to new frustrations and a dramatic plot. The story was based on a book by Alberto Moravia. The film was unfortunately not a success. The nude scenes and the good acting by Giovanna Ralli and Carla Gravina were not enough to make the film a hit. The best part of the film is the beautiful music by Ennio Morricone. The music has very nice themes and is recognisable as Ennio Morricone from the first notes on. Edda Dell’Orso is back as the soloist for the female voice and doing a great performance as always. She sounds erotic in the track Eros Profondo. The track Ritratto d’Autore is an interesting staccato piano theme with a very clever rhythm that goes over in a bossa nova theme and back. The bossa nova comes back in a few more tracks. The score is very sixties with some swing beat themes. Ennio Morricone created a romantic atmosphere in the movie in his own unique way. In all it is a nice cd with all tracks melodious and now remastered to let you enjoy the music as never before.


Total Time: 72:35

01 La ballata di Hank Mccain 2:08
02 Irene 3:35
03 Gli intoccabili (titoli) 1:38
04 Defilée 1:52
05 Come quando fuori piove 2:40
06 La ballata di Hank Mccain (pt. 2) 1:55
07 Come lei 4:08
08 Sogno dopo sogno 2:43
09 Senza parole 3:57
10 Rosemary 2:04
11 La ballata di Hank Mccain (pt. 3) 2:46
12 Gli intoccabili (las Vegas) 1:35
13 La ballata di Hank Mccain (off vocal) 2:09
14 Gli intoccabili (sad waltz) 1:54
15 Gli intoccabili (party music) 3:40
16 Gli intoccabili (dramatic music #1) 2:15
17 Gli intoccabili (music for evening) 2:54
18 La ballata di Hank Mccain (off vocal pt. 2) 1:56
19 Gli intoccabili (Funny waltz) 1:27
20 Gli intoccabili (striptease) 4:51
21 Gli intoccabili (dramatic music #2) 5:16
22 Gli intoccabili (lounge fox-trot) 2:33
23 Rosemary (alternate version) 3:05
24 La ballata di Hank Mccain (off vocal pt. 3) 2:47
25 Gli intoccabili (epic waltz) 1:32
26 La ballata di Hank Mccain (single alternate version) 4:26

Total Time: 51:10

01 La donna invisibile 6:44
02 Ritratto d'autore 5:04
03 Silenziosamente 3:15
04 Eros profondo 4:05
05 In un sogno il sogno 3:18
06 Mille ricordi 3:07
07 Alla serenita 5:24
08 La moda 3:30
09 Un bacio 5:55
10 Incontro trasversale 5:06
11 Ritratto d'autore (orchestral take) 0:27
12 La moda (#2) 2:24
13 La moda (#3) 2:47

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