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Music Composed by Bert Shefter & Paul Sawtell

Kronos Records - Limited Edition of 300 units

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Kronos Records are proud to present for the first time on any format, Los Marcados! The 1971 Mexican film was directed by Alberto Mariscal and had screenplay written by one of the most iconic actor-singers of Mexican cinema, Antonio Aguilar who also plays the lead role of El Marcado and produced the film!

The beautiful, action packed soundtrack was composed and conducted by the dynamic duo of composers of both the Golden and Silver Age PAUL SAWTELL and BERT SHEFTER, composers of among others KRONOS, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE, RETURN OF THE FLY, THE LOST WORLD, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, JACK THE GIANT, FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, MOTORPSYCHO, EMILIANO ZAPATA, A DOG OF FLANDERS and literally a myriad of other films.

LOS MARCADOS is undoubtedly one of the duo´s finest and also one of their very last unfortunately since Paul Sawtell passed away the same year the film was released. LOS MARCADOS is a very unorthodox Western score, full of very innovative orchestrations that with all the elements make up for a driving and dynamic yet also pretty melodic piece of work that is not just as an excellent accompaniment for the motion picture and beautiful soundtrack but also as a standalone composition!

Kronos Records is proud to present this soundtrack in its entirety and film order and for the first time ever in any format!

The CD is a limited edition of 350 copies and guaranteed to not last very long. A True Gem! Totally Unmissable!

1. Main Title 2:06

2. Prologue - The Village 1:18

3. Village Rape 1:53

4. Ride In Town 2:12

5. Mercedes Warns Marcado 2:16

6. Nino's Recitation 1:23

7. Clean Killer 1:14

8. Mercedes Retrospect 1:31

9. Nino's Punishment 2:32

10. Cactus Forest 2:10

11. Nino's Promise 1:48

12. Marcado Acts 1:51

13. Manco Followed 1:03

14. Pardo's Spy 0:22

15. Mercedes' Dream 1:29

16. Manco's Had It 1:18

17. Marcado*s Revenge 1:05

18. Mercedes Drinks 0:40

19. Pardo's Gang In Town 1:05

20. Race Of The Flies 1:25

21. Misfortunate Bartender 2:07

22. Bartender's Demise 0:57

23. Remembrance 1:15

24. Mirror Reflections 0:30

25. Marcado Evens Up 2:34

26. Nino Gets Paid Off 3:38

27. The Executioner 2:49

28. My Son My Son 2:58

29. End Title 1:50