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Music Composed by Riz Ortolani

GDM / IMR - Limited Collector's Edition of 300 units

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TENDERLY aka THE GIRL WHO COULDN’T SAY NO is a comedy directed in 1968 by Franco Brusati and starring Virna Lisi, George Segal, Lila Kedrova, Paola Pitagora, Mirella Pamphili, Nora Ricci, George Segal, Akim Tamiroff, Gianni Di Benedetto, Ciccio Barbi, Riccardo Billi, Mario Brega, Adriano Amidei Migliano, Ugo Adinolfi, Germano Longo, Luciano Mondolfo, Vera Nandi. Iolanda (Lisi) and Franco (Segal), old childhood friends, after long time they meet by chance at Bologna train station. Neither of two is married: but while he is a doctor with a brilliant career ahead of him, Iolanda only works when she needs money and enjoy life without thinking of the future. From this meeting the love was born, but also a series of misunderstandings due to the different mentality between them. Iolanda, free and dreamy, full of dreams and fantasies, Franco, more specific, is related to his profession and career. We they leave each one several times, always vowing never to see each other again, but then find themselves. One day Iolanda is injured and transported to the clinic by Franco...

LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO aka JET SET SWINGERS - DAS MÄDCHEN JULIUS is a dramatic movie directed in 1970 by Tonino Valerii and starring Silvia Dionisio, Gianni Macchia, Anna Moffo, Esmeralda Ruspoli, Maurizio Degli Esposti, John Steiner, Livio Barbo, Roberto Chevalier, Riccardo Garrone, Umberto Raho, Ivano Staccioli, Nino Nini, Raúl Martínez, Malisa Longo. A girl (Dionisio), in memory of her father brings his male name, Giulio lives in Venice with his mother (Ruspoli), a rich woman, fatuous and uncomprehending. While still a teenager she had a homosexual affair with the housekeeper Lia (Moffo), who also taught her to hate men, to consider animal-like beings, from which a woman can only be evil. Over the years, the girl, who managed to escape the morbid bond, becomes engaged to Lorenzo (Degli Esposti) a timid college student who has promised her fidelity and security. But the girl for her first heterosexual experience chooses Amerigo (Barbo), a young mechanic boyfriend with her maid. During the meeting, she realizes that to be sexually incapable of love, and to put herself to the test yet, she goes later in the arms of different men. In the end she realizes that he is doomed to never become fully woman for whom, after attempting an unnecessary surgery, is unleashed bloody against the last of his occasional companions.
Riz Ortolani has been able to represent perfectly in music the different faces of love, sometimes cheerful and carefree, sometimes melancholy and despair, composing two monothematic OST extremely romantic, colored with Beat arrangements typical of the period with the inclusion of pleasant shake dance floor tunes. This CD with the total time of 53:30 contains the complete soundtracks, taken from the master tapes in mono and stereo of the original sessions and released for the first time.


1. TENDERLY (seq.1 - titoli) 2:40
2. TENDERLY (seq.2) 1:57
3. TENDERLY (seq.3) 1:25
4. TENDERLY (seq.4) 2:15
5. TENDERLY (seq.5) 2:26
6. TENDERLY (seq.6) 0:57
7. TENDERLY (seq.7) 1:23
8. TENDERLY (seq.8) 1:48
9. TENDERLY (seq.9) 2:31
10. TENDERLY (seq.10) 1:13
11. TENDERLY (seq.11) 1:22
12. TENDERLY (seq.12 - finale) 1:43


13. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.1 - titoli) 2:29
14. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.2) 1:26
15. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.3) 3:08
16. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.4) 2:50
17. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.5) 1:52
18. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.6) 2:58
19. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.7) 6:04
20. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.8) 1:47
21. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.9) 5:08
22. LA RAGAZZA DI NOME GIULIO (seq.10 - finale) 3:12

TT 53:30

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