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Music Composed by Bert Shefter & Paul Sawtell

Kronos Records - Limited Edition of 300 units

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Kronos Records starts 2023 with a grand opener. Kurt Neumann`s 1959 crime drama COUNTERPLOT starring Forrest Tucker, Allison Hayes and Gerald Milton. Telling the story of Brock Miller (Tucker) a man in hiding in 1959 Puerto Rico, his glamorous girldfriend Connie Lane and their young friend Manuel . The film at the time got mixed reviews but honestly it is a very enjoyable one made even more enjoyable by a very eclectic and colourful musical score that is undoubtedly n example of the composers`skill and craftmanship!

This soundtrack was composed and conducted by one of Hollywood's most if not the most dynmic composer team of their generation, namely BERT SHEFTER (SINS OF JEZEBEL) and PAUL SAWTELL, who composed a very rousing, highly adventurous sounding score in the veins of the Golden age giants MIKLOS ROZSA and ALFRED NEWMAN! Fully orchestral themes along with pieces for woodwind and smaller enesembles, cohabit very well along the source music the duo composed for this crime drama on this soundtrack that is made avaiable in any format for the first tim ever 63 years after it was recorded.

01.  Main Title 0:59 

02.  Manuel Fishing 1:24 

03. Connie Arrives 0:48 

04 . Enter Bergmann 0:23 

05 . Latin Cafe 2:53 

06. The Picture 0:29 

07. Say Au Revoir 1:22 

08. Castanza Dance 1:21 

09. Bermann's Home 0:30 

10. Bert's Dance 1:07 

11. Lovers' Meeting 3:31 

12. Counter MEringue 0:56 

13. Bergmann's Treasures 2:38 

14. The Murder 1:51 

15. Latin Nights 1:13 

16. Secret Meeting 0:47 

17. Moving Fingers 0:53 

18. Merengue Caribbean 0:31 

19. Manuel's Heartbreak 1:21 

20. Say Au Revoir 1:57 

21. Block Escapes 0:40 

22. Caribbean Nights 1:49 

23. Spargo's Double Cross 1:21 

24  Manuel Repents 1:06 

25. Final Payment 2:17 

26. Manuel`s Good Deed 1:06 

27. End TItle 1:17 

28. Main Title (alt) 1:27