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Music Composed by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

Quartet Records - Limited edition of 500 units 


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Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar are proud to present an expanded, fully restored and remastered 2-CD edition of the masterful score for Orson Welles’ classic FALSTAFF (aka CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT) by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (KALI-YUG, OTHELLO, THE NAKED MAJA, L’ULTIMO PARADISO). The film starred Welles himself as the eponymous knight, along with Jeanne Moureau, Margaret Rutherford, John Gielgud, Fernando Rey and Alan Webb. Welles cobbled together his script from several of William Shakespeare’s historical plays.

Lavagnino peppered his score with authentic medieval melodies, often presented in simple, unison settings. For the court scenes, he employed Renaissance-like brass chorales and trumpet fanfares. His exciting music for the Battle of Shrewsbury uses more modern techniques, employing a keening women’s chorus, a great deal of percussion and a higher level of dissonance. A contrasting highlight is the tender, mournful lament for the dying King Henry IV.

The CAM label issued a 42-minute LP of the soundtrack in 1966 and reissued it on CD in the nineties. For this premiere complete edition, we have included the entire 70-minute score – including several cues not heard (or barely audible) in the film – as well as the original album prepared by the composer. Claudio Fuiano has produced this 2-CD set, carefully restored and mastered by Chris Malone from first-generation master tapes courtesy of Gruppo Sugar. Mr. Malone has also reconstructed the original album from the original session tapes. The package comes with a 16-page booklet including an essay by Frank K. DeWald about the film and score.

Apertura festosa (1:24)
Intermezzo agreste (3:10)
Vecchio arioso (1:46)
Funerale di Falstaff (2:31)
Trombe e tamburi al castello (1:42)
Riceracare rusticano (2:48)
Antica cantica d’amore (1:54)
Corale místico (3:15)
Danza di taverna (1:51)
Pastorale serena (1:41)
Festa di villaggio (1:51)
Battaglia e campo di morti (4:44)
Intermezzo grottesco (1:08)
Cantare arcaico 1 (2:14)
Cantare arcaico 2 (2:19)
Chanson à Boire 1 (1:39)
Chanson à Boire 2 (1:19)
Canto di veglia al campo (2:36)
Allegre cornamuse (1:17)

Apertura festosa (Titoli) (1:24)
Intermezzo grottesco (Versione film / Alternativa) (2:12)
Festa di villaggio (1:17)
Festa di villaggio (Versione alternativa) (2:38)
Cantare arcaico 1 (Versione film 1 / 2) (1:08)
Cantare arcaico 2 (Versione film) (0:54)
Intermezzo agreste (Versione film) (1:56)
Ricercare rusticano (Versione film Nº 1 / 2) (1:22)
Falstaff (Fanfara) (1:31)
Falstaff (Danza percussioni) (1:05)
Falstaff (Danza di corte Nº 1) (3:27)
Falstaff (Danza di corte Nº 2) (1:00)
Falstaff (Percussioni attacco contra i pellegrini Parte 1 / 2) (2:22)
Cantare arcaico 2 (Versione film Nº 2) / Antica cantica d’amore (Versione film) (0:58)
Falstaff (Danza di corte Nº 3) (1:17)
Falstaff (Preparivi per la battaglia) (0:54)
Apertura festosa (Ripresa – Titoli) (1:43)
Apertura festosa (Ripresa titoli – Versione alternativa) (1:49)
Allegre cornamuse (Versione film) / Cantare arcaico 1 (Versione film Nº 3) (1:26)
Chanson à Boire 1 (Parte 1 / 2) (1:55)
Canto di veglia al campo (Versione film) (1:01)
Falstaff (Fanfara / Percussioni battaglia) (1:51)
Battaglia e campo di morti (4:46)
Canto di veglia al campo (Versione film 2) (1:39)
Trombe e tamburi al castello (Versione film 1 / 2 / 3) (1:04)
Falstaff (A corte and campi di battaglia) (1:04)
Falstaff (Soliloquio del Re Parte 1 / 2) (3:52)
Vecchio arioso (1:44)
Pastorale serena (1:41)
Danza di taverna (Versione film) (1:04)
Antica cantica d’amore (Versione alternativa) (1:10)
Falstaff (Canto gregoriano) (2:29)
Funerale di Falstaff (Versione film) (1:03)
Chanson à Boire 2 (Versione film) / Fallstaff (A corte) (1:24)
Falstaff (Funerale del Re) (1:42)
Corale místico (3:13)
Ricercare rusticano (Versione film) / Falstaff (Fanfara) (1:10)
Funerale di Falstaff (Versione film/ alternativa) (2:30)
Falstaff (Titoli di coda) (0:59)

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